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I shall attend to your queries ASAP but I am a human being and can get busy with something that may require my immediate attention. Kindly do not assume I have ignored you.

thank you

Prashantt Rai

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2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Barbara-Anne

    Do you live in Palestine? I am a college student wanting to make a documentary about the area. If interested please email me.



  2. Waqas Arshad

    Hi Prashantt Rai,
    Hope you are doing good with best of your health.

    I run a production house in Pakistan.Recently i have purchased 225 rolls of Kodak 35mm-400ft color negative films from our distributor locally for a feature film project which got delayed due to some budget issues.

    Now i am interested in selling these films stocks.All the film stocks are stored properly , and are factory sealed fresh stocks.
    Following are the details.
    1) 5203 -50D v3 20 rolls
    2) 5213 200T v3 35 rolls
    3) 5207 250D v3 80 rolls
    4) 5219 500T v3 90 rolls

    Please let me know if you can help me out in liquidating theses film stocks.

    Looking forward to here from you soon.

    Thanks regards,

    Waqas Arshad

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