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Eve Deceived


Long, long ago, if we are to believe,
The man named Adam and his helper Eve
Lived free and naked in a place called Eden.
Their entire living we read was given,
Only one fruit to them was forbidden.

Eve, like all girls to be, a daring one,
Of course, thought of tasting it just for fun.
Though for so doing the penalty was high.
Still it was tempting to her grudging eye,
She just grimaced as she passed it by.

Then one day as young Adam was prone,
He took a walk leaving Eve alone.
So since she had nothing at all to do,
She took a stroll through that primeval zoo,
Fretting, and pouting and conspiring, too.

She had grown tired of Adam’s leaving
Her alone in the garden grieving
Wondering what kind of friend she could make,
When there appeared a slick-talking snake,
Who suggested a short walk they could take.

You know, of course, where the walk led them to,
Beneath that tree and what she wasn’t to do.
Then Eve cried out, “Oh, Adam my dear!
Where are you when I need you to be near!”
The snake weaved and danced, in each eye a leer.

You see he was jealous of Adam and Eve
And pondered how he could get them to leave.
It was the sum of his nature to lie.
With ancient, evil reptilian sigh,
He decried Eve’s warning received from on high.
Then Eve in a trance bit into the fruit
As proffered by that foul serpentine brute.
Just now Adam reappeared on the site
And foolishly of the fruit took a bite,
Not thinking him then of the promised plight.

The two of them learned to their deep regret
That the warning was real, not just a threat.
The will of God and man’s will collided.
Out of that garden they then were guided
Severely punished, not merely chided.

You cannot blame Eve, it is Adam’s fault
Having never learned of woman’s Gestalt,
Leaving lone Eve a decision to make!
Warning belated, my girls, it’s a mistake
Ever to take advice from a snake!


Don Loop 2014 Urbanna, Virginia.