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The power of denial!

The power of denial

Professional photography meant access to a lot of equipments starting with good SLR to having your dark room; some even had their own processing machines. The desire to produce stunning images required not just craftsmanship or skills but access to logistics too which was limited to a handful. There were many whose creativity was limited or dependent on other technicians as to how they processed their stills or whether they could get their negatives pushed or pull for creative effects. I think the digital industry saw this gaping hole in the market which comprises mostly of amateur photographers and within a decade they changed the global photography market. Now with just one time investment for a good DSLR and software like Photoshop, you bypass everything else that came between a photographer and his image. No film stocks, no labs, no chemicals, no dark rooms, and no hassle of exercising economy of usage.

Though, I am still an avid fan of film based photography because nothing beats the photochemical look even though I have to spend on expensive stocks and digitisation of negatives. I don’t like to compromise, maybe. For many others, who are happy with digital, the credit goes to the digital revolution which grew from mass based photography support. One can never underplay the power of denial.

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