NU Cosmetic commercial

The commercial was shot on Super-16 format using Kodak Vision 3 200T (7213) stock and Arriflex SR3 camera. The negative was HD scanned and graded at Reliance Media works. I was impressed with the quantum of information buried in this small negative, barely as big as our finger nails. The ability to blend highlights so seamlessly floored me. There is no hint of grains.

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2 thoughts on “NU Cosmetic commercial

  1. Tim Sassoon

    Very nice, very impressive, though one does see the grain on the freeze frame. Blending several adjacent frames together can fix this.

  2. admin Post author

    Tim thanks for watching it. I do read all your posts on CML with great interest. Well, do you think the visible grains on freeze frame is because of web compression? I didn’t notice much on the HD footage though.

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